Basic information

Centre of Integrative Psychotherapy (CIP) is an out-patient clinic. Centre philosophy is a system approach and works in a frame of integrative psychotherapy. We combine psychotherapeutic individual and family consultations according to client´s wish. It´s speciality is a dependency and marital problems.

After initial work, we offer e-mail and telephone consultations. We assure anonymity. We offer consultation very early or very late consultation time, according to client´s need.

All the clients pay their consultations (in Czech or English):
1 hour (50 minutes) ... 1600 Czech crown - PhDr. Magdalena Frouzova

Department of psychology Faculty of philosophy has a supervision over CIP, which is training institute for students of Skala's Institute.

Magdalena FrouzováConsultation

PhDr. Magdalena Frouzova, clinical psychologist, family therapist, addictologist, supervisor of therapeutic programs, director of Skala institute (training institute in psychotherapy), lecturer in Institute for postgraduate medical education, exter-lecturer in psychology dep. at Charles university.

Tel.: +420 - 602 642 616
E-mail: magdalena.frouzova@email.cz


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Tram station of lines 22 and 25 - Drinopol