Basic information

Centre of Integrative Psychotherapy (CIP) is an out-patient clinic. Centre philosophy is a system approach and works in a frame of integrative psychotherapy. We combine psychotherapeutic individual and family consultations according to client´s wish. It´s speciality is a dependency and marital problems.

After initial work, we offer e-mail and telephone consultations. We assure anonymity. We offer consultation very early or very late consultation time, according to client´s need.

All the clients pay their consultations (in Czech or English):
1 hour (50 minutes) ... 1800 Czech crown - PhDr. Magdalena Frouzova

Department of psychology Faculty of philosophy has a supervision over CIP, which is training institute for students of Skala's Institute.

Magdalena FrouzováConsultation

PhDr. Magdalena Frouzova, clinical psychologist, family therapist, addictologist, supervisor-mentor of therapeutic programs, she leads self-experience training communities in integrative psychotherapy in Skala institute, lecturer in Institute for postgraduate medical education and Czech institute for supervision,  exter-lecturer in psychology dep. at Charles university.

Tel.: +420 - 602 642 616
E-mail: magdalena.frouzova@email.cz


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Tram station of lines 22 and 25 - Drinopol